Saturday, December 26, 2009

From the pre-school blog...

Emma's preschool has blog (which is private, so I'll just try to repost here). This is something her teacher wrote up about her one day.

Caring for Dot

We often notice Emma caring for others. She is quick to see when another child is upset, one of the first to offer to care for another, and shows great concern for how others are feeling. She seems to be a nurturer at heart. When I introduced Dot, our 3's class puppet, Emma seemed entranced. On this day she used her nurturing skills to take care of Dot.

An observation by Teresa:

Emma saw Teacher Sue holding Dot and she was concerned that Dot looked sick. Emma used the tape measure as an instrument to look inside Dot's mouth. Emma was very concerned about Dot. She pulled out a blanket to cover Dot with and placed a pillow under Dot's head.

Emma got two rectangular blocks and stood them up vertically to represent a garbage pail because Dot might throw up.

Dot did throw up. Some spilled on the carpet but we were able to use a block as a napkin to clean up the mess. It was red vomit.

Emma used the stop sign as a light to check Dot's throat and sat on a special chair that only the doctor could use. She checked Dot's hear rate using the tape measure and found that it was beating too quickly. Emma put her face up to Dot's belly and tried to look at the heart through the fur.
And then Dot was better!

P.S. Her name was Dr. Shill.


We had a wonderful Christmas, filled with lots and lots of family time. Christmas Eve we spent with all the Folkmans. Grandpa got Beatles rock band for Christmas from the kids, so we spent the evening jamming out in front of the tv with everyone. Emma was quite good on the drums.

Christmas day, we spend with the Recklings, eating yummy food, and playing hand and foot. It was a fun couple of days. We are grateful for so much family and love in our life.

On Christmas eve, we read Luke II by the firelight with Emma before bed. I'm really hoping that we were successful in teaching her what Christmas is all about this month. Not just Santa, fun and presents, but most importantly Christ and His birth. Ask her, and she'll tell you what's most important (i hope). She might get a little confused and tell you its all about her pink kid umbrella from Santa, since her world has been revolving around it for the past 24 hours.

Now, we are baby-izing the house for the next week. Setting up crib, fixing some things, getting a new dresser, etc. This is our last big break before baby, so I'm hoping to get all ready now. We really can't wait for our new arrival. We just can't seem to pick a name...Ugghh.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Emma's letter to Santa

Tonight, Emma asked me for a paper and pen, and told me she was going to make a list. Afterward, she showed it to me. She said it was for Santa.

She says it says how good she is, and that she would like a pink kid umbrella for Christmas. She also drew a picture for Santa of her and Shane walking to school, using the umbrella. (PS, I love Shane's skirt). After watching Shane do so much homework, this is what all her writing looks like now. Very cute. We just put it in an envelope with a stamp, and we'll mail it out tomorrow.

She has been very good this year.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009