Monday, February 27, 2012

Bad Day

Worst day ever. Tomorrow will be better right? I think the stress of working 50+ hours a week between my two teaching jobs, trying to be a good mom/wife, and just basic life upkeep has crashed down around me. I have a t0-do list 20 miles long, and every spare second I have is spent catching up with my online teaching which can only be done at either naptime or bedtime, so my house is a perma-disaster zone. I've been grumpy, in-sensitive, and therefore think that everyone else must be grumpy and insensitive as well. I feel like a fool for letting it affect me, and I'm embarassed by my actions toward those I love. I need to try harder to be kind, patient and look for the best in others.

At least I have a sweet family that keeps me focused and can make me smile in any given moment. Tomorrow will be better, right?