Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Henry B at 2 months

Yesterday at his appointment he was off the charts. :)

14 lbs 6 oz

25.5 inches

(The nurse measured him twice because she couldn't believe that he was that tall)

I can't stop staring at his cute little face. His eyes are just like Shane. I feel like I'm falling in love all over again. He's also sleeping through the night with only one feeding. He's asleep by 9:30ish and sleeps til about 7:00 with only one wake-up.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Preschool Fun

Today Emma's preschool had a field trip out to Alki beach. One of the dad's is a diver, and he brought up lots of cool crabs, sea stars and other creatures for the kids to see. Emma spent the morning playing in the water with her friends.

Emma, Jacob & Ava
These are Emma's two best buddies from preschool. She's going to miss them both next year.

And, for Mother's Day, the kids had a little "tea" for us. They made all the moms fruit salad, and sang us songs. I love my sweet little girl.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Henry this week

"Somebody HELP ME"

Pete & Becca loaned us a bumbo, and we thought we'd try it out. Obviously, Henry needs to be quite a bit bigger to use it, but I thought this was hilarious. He looks so stressed, poor little guy.

And finally some videos of my little man. He is mad in one, and fairly happy in the other two. He is doing genuine grins and smiles now which is so fun, and I caught a couple on video. Enjoy. you can see, Emma is doing a great job of being a good big sister. Nothing like pokes and smacks to get a kid grinning. :)

Sleepy & Mad


With Emma too.

Summer on the farm!

We just joined the Jubilee Farms Coop for this summer.

Starting mid-June we'll get a box of fresh fruits/vegetables once a week. We get to go to the farm to pick it up. They harvest everything in the morning, and then you pick it up just a couple hours later...SO FRESH! Can't wait. Hopefully we'll start eating much better. I figured my little gardening attempts on our back patio weren't cutting it. So this is now like I've planted a whole farm in my back yard. I can't wait.

Also, they have extra U-Pick items each week, so when we go pick up the food, we can wander around the farm and pick some of our own items. What a fun way to spend a Saturday morning. Can't wait. :)