Thursday, January 31, 2008

DHARMA food...

Jake & AJ brought over real LOST food tonight to get us in the mood for the premiere.

I know, I'm ridiculous...

LOST tonight! It's sad that I'm so excited about a television show, but it really is such a fantastic show...such a fun thing to get wrapped up in. I can't wait! I guess that there are only 8 new shows this season due to the strike, but I'm still looking forward to each and every one...I'm sure you all have some crazy shows that you love as much as I love LOST--please share so I don't feel like such a goober. Pizza, food and fun at our house tonight. :) 9:00! Some of my family might come dressed as different characters...should be a great evening.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tag, I'm it...

10 years ago today

I was enjoying my first few weeks in the MTC, studying Spanish, missing my family, and going to bed early.


Laundry, make dinner, excercise, clean off desk/bar, and maybe squeeze in a nap!


My new favorite: Multigrain chips from Costco, dipped in cottage cheese. Its one of my new healthy snacks.

Skinny-cow ice cream bars...another healthy alternative...

Asiago cheese bagels, toasted with with cheese. (a guilty alternative)

Anything chocolate

Chipotle chips & guacamole


Fly around the world--Chile first, then lots of time in Spain and Europe.

Quit my job and buy a big house--start gardening and have a big English garden in the back yard with benches, and paths and lots of fun flowers.

Take all of my family on a super-vacation, where we could soak up the sun and laugh for hours/days.

Buy a Volvo XC90 for my "Mom" car, and a Mini-cooper, for our "date" car. I know it might be dorky, but a super RV--the rock star kind--so we could camp in style.

I hope that I would make some major donations to some kind of edcuational charity...not sure what.. :)


Staying up late. Diet Coke. Munching late at night...


Taylorsville, UT
Kaysville, UT
Redmond, WA
Rexburg, ID
Santiago, Chile
Ellensburg, WA
La Coruna, Spain
Issaquah, WA


Waitress at a retirement center (1st job)
Hogi Yogi Sandwich/yogurt creator.
Ricks Custodian
Eddie Bauer Calling Center

TAG YOUR IT!! Anyone else who wants to!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Seattle Snow Day!

So, while we slept last night, the snow fell on the Seattle area. It was only about an inch, but it was enough to cancel school. For some reason, I didn't get the phone tree call from my school this morning, so I didn't find out until I actually was walking out the door and found that I had missed calls on my cell. I then ran to the window, and all was white and beautiful. :)

I had already showered, gotten ready and ate breakfast, when I could of been sleeping, but other than's been a fun day. We took Emma out to go sledding, and she screamed the first little while, but quickly decided she loved it! Being a Utah girl to the core, I do find it funny that we have no school today...the roads are already cleared, but I'm not complaining. It's fun to have a day off! :)

Here, you can hear Emma's screams...

And finally, she's having fun!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

President Hinckley...

So, tonight word spread fairly quickly through Mormondom about President Hinckley's passing. We had family over for dinner, and we all received multiple phone calls about the same time from people all over the country to make sure everyone knew. In some ways, my heart is very sad...he will be a man that will be greatly missed. But, like my brother and his wife said tonight (I don't remember which one)..."Good for him!"

Which is so true. How wonderful that he ends his life knowing that he spent every ounce of his energy doing what he knew the Lord wanted him to do. He has worked tirelessly, and finally has received his rest. Best of all, he's back with his sweet wife. I think that is one of the most wonderfully tender things about him these last few years...his heart ached for his wife, and I loved the example he set to men around the world about how to love their sweethearts and how much they are missed when they are gone.

I'm sad that we won't hear any more of his jokes in conference, but I'm so grateful that he touched our lives for such a long time as a wonderful leader.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Tagged...five things you might not know about me...

My friend Sunny tagged me, so here goes...

5 things you might not know about me...

1. Just after 9/11, I almost joined the Peace Corps. I was in the middle of my teaching program, and was looking to do some good in the world, and didn't want to be in school anymore. I was looking at going to Honduras, teaching English and learning about local agriculture. I even filled out the application, and was going to participate in their Masters programs at the same time. I changed my mind, not long after, finished school, and started teaching.

2. When I was younger, I danced in Ballet West's Nutracker two years in Salt Lake City. I was a lady in waiting and got to wear some fantastically FANCY dresses. (yes Folkman's, fancy). I took Ballet for almost 14 years growing up, and loved it, but then quit when I reached high-school and had a busier schedule, and joined our school's dance team. Then we moved to Washington and they had no dance or music programs, so I joined the basketball team. Funny thing, my little brother also danced in the Nutracker one year, Peter. He hates to admit it now. :) His picture is hilariously cute.

3. When I was little, I wanted to be an astronaut or a beautician. Or, maybe both. That would have been an interesting combination.

I'll think of some more later... :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lost Party!

I've mentioned before that I am a LOST addict. I'm so excited for the new season to begin! I know I'm a huge nerd, but I love it. Anyone in the Issaquah vicinity is invited to our place on the 31st for the 2 hour season premiere, and the best pizza you've ever had (Extreme Pizza of Issaquah). I just can't wait!

Also, I recently saw "Bride and Prejudice" a Bollywood movie, which was cute (it came out a couple of years ago), but guess who sings and dances in it? Sayid from Lost! :)

Friday, January 4, 2008

Our Christmas Card...

I didn't order as much as I should, so if you didn't get our Christmas Card...we still love you! Here it is, so no one feels left out. :)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well, we're back to work and our busy schedule now since Wednesday. It was so nice to have time together over the holidays. We finished off our break, by going to the Seattle Aquarium on New Years Day. We just went for a couple of hours in the morning, which was perfect timing for Emma...she doesn't last long out on the town.

This is the first picture we took, she was a little weary of the water and the splashing, which is why she's clutching tight to Shane. She did think the starfish was cool.

It was a beautiful day, we watched the seals and the fish and the ferries as they crossed Puget Sound. So nice! It was a good start to the year...

Best of all, Emma was so excited to see Dory. :) (Sorry for the blur, she was fast!)