Monday, January 30, 2012


Last weekend was crazy, filled completed up with Dance activities. Emma had a mid-winter recital for both her ballet and hip-hop class. Thursday and Friday evenings we had dress rehearsals, and then Saturday all day, since she danced in both shows. She danced with her friend Maggi for hip hop, and it was fun to see them having so much fun!


Go Yellow #6!


Bedtime is our favorite time around here. Emma's getting better at reading everyday, and has started into her first little chapter books. Sammy the Seal is what they are reading here. Henry doesn't want to miss out on any of the action.


We had quite the ice/snow storm hit a few weeks ago. It was beautiful, but it basically shut down Seattle with all of the hills. We lost power for a few days and camped out at Grandma Folkman's until the power came back on. We got a whole week off from school, which now has to be made up in June. It was fun though. Emma spent lots of time building little snow people out on the back deck.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Levi Laughing

Emma is really great at making Levi laugh, and he usually does big belly laughs when she gets him going. Here are a couple videos of the little man laughing. :)


For Christmas this year, the only thing Emma wanted was a bird. She wanted one in a cage to have here at home. Santa didn't bring it. Instead, he built her a cute little birdhouse, and with some seeds from Grandma Reckling, we now have regular visitors on our back deck. Emma is thrilled, and so is mom. This is so much easier than taking care of a bird inside. :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lost Christmas Cards!

I got our Christmas cards all ready and ordered before the Holidays, but then we moved. And I still haven't been able to find them. So you might be getting them in March. :)

Here it is, it was a cute picture at least!

Monday, January 9, 2012

A fresh start

This last year has been hard (school year at least), because we haven't had much time together as a whole family during the week, which makes family scripture study really difficult. Last year, we were able to sit down together after lunch and all read together. But now that Emma is in kindergarten, virtually the minute I get home from work at about 11:15, I have to fix her hair and then she and Shane run out the door to make it to school on time at 11:35.

In the last month or so, the kids have been getting up alot earlier, up by 7:00 most mornings. This doesn't sound so early, but to Shane who likes to sleep in, its really early. Shane and I decided that we needed to just bite the bullet and get the kids up early to read scriptures together before I go to work. So, 6:30 is our official Scripture study time as a family. I leave at 6:50 for work, so that gives us about 20 minutes of good study time.

This morning was our first day, and so far so good. Awesome really. The kids got up, and although a little sleepy and grumpy, did really good. Shane said he had more patience with kids today, and I felt the exact same thing. I got more done around the house. It was easier to keep the tv off while we were hanging out this afternoon. I think all of us felt the sprit more today, and what a blessing.

We finished up with Alma at the end of last year, so started today with Helaman Chapter 1. One part was about the Nephite armies getting attacked by the Lamanites, who entered the city due to a lack of protection. They had gotten lax about protecting the city walls with enough guards. After reading we had a little discussion about what this means to us. While we live in a place where we don't have to worry about people breaking into our home, we do have to worry about protecting our home from outside influences, like tv, internet, radio, etc. We all decided to have that be a focus, to try and only let the good things in, and keep our protections up to keep the bad out.

Tonight as I was putting Emma to bed, in her prayers she said, "thank you that we could read scriptures this morning and thank you for helping us protect ourselves from the bad things on tv and on the computer". Seriously? What a sweet girl. I'm so excited to read again tomorrow, but more excited that we have been able to see an immediate blessing in our home, and that Emma is actually able to remember what we have been discussing the see the blessings from it as well.

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years in Leavenworth

We spent New Years weekend up in Leavenworth, (Plain, actually) enjoying lots of family time and lots of snow. Aunt AJ found this super cute little cabin, and we played in the snow, shopped in Leavenworth and played lots of games. It was absolutely beautiful up there.

Grandma playing a little Solitaire while Emma gets a manicure from Aunt AJ.

Relaxing and watching the kids play

Beautiful Emma

Snack time on the stairs

Grandpa and Emma out playing in the snow, finding icicles hanging off the roof.

the prize

Henry claimed this chair, and wouldn't let anyone else sit there if he was around.

My sweet baby boy Levi

The view from the cabin

Henry & Aaker

The one photo of me from the trip :)

Aaker playing trains with Uncle Shane

Uncle Jake helping Emma read a book

Aaker inhaling cream puffs!

Reading time

Henry watching a movie on the way up with his new headphones from Santa. :)

Christmas Eve with the Folkmans

We had a fun Christmas Eve at the Folkmans this year. Aunt Becca had some fake moustaches that everyone was playing with. All the grandkids got this playtube and tent for when they have playtime at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Playing with Friends

Before Christmas, we had Abby & Chelsey over to play while their mom ran errands. Henry &
Chelsey are only about 6 weeks apart, and are good little friends. They are sweet kids. :)

Playing house together