Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Miss Emma and her First Lost Baby Tooth!

While it may appear that Emma was in a bar-brawl today, we have just had an eventful week.

On Sunday morning when Emma went in to give Henry a hug, she was attacked with infant excitement, which resulted in a rather bad bite on her nose. This is now day 4 and its looks alot better, but you can still see baby teeth marks on the tip of her nose. I couldn't help but laugh, but Emma was adamant that it was very painful.

She's been playing with a loose tooth for a couple of weeks now, and finally this morning, she pulled it out all by herself. It happened while I was a work. Shane was there. He saw it. Held it, and then she ran off to wash it off in the sink, when... of course. Down the drain it went. So tonight, instead of a tooth under her pillow for the tooth fairy, she had me write a note. It says...

"Dear Tooth Fairy, my tooth went down the drain. Maybe its at the dump. Love, Emma, Mom and Dad".

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunday Dinner with Grandpa Lyons

Great Grandpa Lyons and all the Folkman grandkids.

We were lucky to have Grandpa Lyons visiting this week for the family potluck. Its so fun to have him in town. I wish we could see him more. The kids all love him, and watching them interact with him reminds me of being a kid around him. He's such a wonderful man, I feel blessed for having him as an example every day of my life. He tells the best stories, and has the most interesting insights into life. Today he shared a scripture with me, and then went on to discuss it with my dad for 1/2 hour. I feel an overwhelming desire to record everything that comes out of his mouth. Today, I turned on the microphone on my phone, and slipped it by him as he told some stories. I want to remember them forever.

He reminds me so much of my dad--both amazing men. I miss the ear pulls he used to give us as a kid. :)

Emma particularly ferocious while playing air-hockey.

Grandpa Folkman teaching Henry to play catch.

Zoey's Turns TWO!

Last Saturday, we celebrated Zoey's birthday with her at Roundtable pizza with family & friends. It was a cute beach theme, and Pete & Becca had a little blow-up pool filled with colorful balls to play in. We ate lots of yummy pizza, and the kids ran around like crazy. It was fun, and it looked like Zoey had a great day. :) She's such a big girl, she talks so much and runs around like she is in charge of the world. She and Emma, even with the age difference, will run around laughing and playing non-stop. They are great little friends.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Old Photos

I found some pictures I never posted from Mid-Winter Break and our President's Day hike. We got up early and went and hiked up Tiger Mountain. It was a trail we had hiked all last year with Emma's preschool class, and we haven't been back since. Its a nice easy hike, with lots of things to look at. Emma ran from marker to marker looking for slugs, mushrooms and all sorts of wildlife. It was cold, but not too cold. It was a great way to start off our vacation week. Henry stayed snug and warm, bundled in the stroller.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Henry's Birthday Party!

Emma was excited to sit in the throne and help him open gifts. ;)

Its a week late, but we finally had a little party for Henry. I will admit it was a bit over the top, but it was fun, and he sure enjoyed it. We had it at Kidzbounce. We always go with Emma during the drop in times, but Henry can never play because the other big kids are always going to run him over. So, we decided to have his party there, so he could have free reign of the place. We invited friends and family and had pizza & yummy cupcakes, generously made by Morgan. Yummy! It was fun and now I think we're all super tired. Thank goodness tomorrow is Saturday.

Henry & his little girlfriend, sweet Chelsea

Grandpa had a lot of fun throwing balls at Emma.

Zoey ran around non-stop. :)

This was Henry's one scary moment of the night. Uncle Pete took him down the slide, and as you can tell by the look on his face, it made him a little nervous.

Sunday evening cookies

On fast Sundays, we meet at Grandpa & Grandma Folkman's house for a pot luck with the whole family. Its always fun to get together and visit. Here we are making cookies after church on Sunday, to take as our pot-luck item. Some weeks we have lots of desserts, other weeks we have lots of salad. I guess that's the beauty of the Pot-luck. :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Henry's Birthday!

We had a low key day for Henry's birthday on Thursday. The poor little guy has been suffering from a cold the last week or so, and it got worse this week with his first ear infection. He had a fever, couldn't sleep, and had to take that yucky pink medicine. Finally he's feeling back to normal now, but his birthday was just a day in the middle of all the craziness. We're having a family party next week, to make sure he is feeling better. It should be fun. :)

I think Henry had a good day. Emma really wanted to get him his own pillow pet, so we bought him a mini-size, a green frog. It's cute how much he likes it. In bed at night, he snuggles his face right up to it when he goes to sleep. We also got him a little dump truck. He was happy. We were in no condition to make a cake, so we stopped by the cupcake shop and picked up some cupcakes to eat. They were delicious! Emma got a chocolate mint, Henry a vanilla, and Shane and I got our favorite: Royal Velvet. Mmmmm....


There are some pictures of our life lately, bumming around the house, ice cream dessert for FHE and cutie pie Emma. :)

Saturday Drive up the Pass

Henry in all his bed-head glory (Emma took this photo--not bad, right?)

This morning, we rolled out of bed and went to our church for the Friends of Scouting breakfast. We had pancakes, eggs and orange juice. Yummy. We got to see all the boys earn some of their merit badges. I'm excited for when Henry is old enough to do scouting. Shane is excited, too. :)

Then, we decided it was a nice day, so we went for a drive up the pass to see the snow. It was fun driving around, and Emma loved playing in the snow with Shane. Henry and I hung out in the cold for a bit, but then retreated to the car to enjoy some warmth and snacks while Emma and Henry ran circles around the Tahoe throwing snow. It was a fun morning. :)

Emma took this one of her new shoes...only $2.34 on clearance at Target!