Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sorry no posting...

I've been trying to get ready for baby #3, and I'll blame that for the lack of posting. We've spent time re-organizing the bedroom, making room for a 3rd little munchkin. I'm in the process of washing all the baby clothes after having storing them for a whole 2 weeks (that's what it feels like).

Anyway, I think we are ready. My doctor says she doesn't think they'll induce me early this time, so I've still got 3 weeks left. At least she promised she'd induce me the weekend of September 11th, if it hasn't happened yet. I can't imagine going that long. I barely have energy this time to give Henry & Emma hugs and stumble around the house. I hope the baby comes soon. I'm hot, uncomfortable and having a hard time sleeping. Can't wait for the little guy to get here.

Other than my whining, we've still had a fun summer. We've spent lots of time at Grandma Folkmans, I'm so grateful for family close and able to help watch the kids while I'm off at all the appointments. We've spent many afternoons at the park with friends. Emma & Henry are blessed to have so many little kids they can play with in our ward. Me too. We love this ward and can't imagine ever leaving. And we've had lots of fun family time together. Its been a good summer. Its a sweet treat to have Daddy home in the evenings. My favorite part about the summertime.

Hopefully, I'll have an exciting post soon with pictures of our new little one. But for now, I've got to get energy to do the dishes before I crash in bed. :)