Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Summer is finally here, and we are able to spend lazy mornings relaxing around the house to get things done. Yesterday Emma helped me weed out back and then she and Henry played out on the grass for a bit. Even though it hasn't been really hot, its nice to have more time at home and together. I'm looking forward to lots more of this!

Maren Elizabeth Folkman

On Sunday, Luke & Lindsay blessed Maren, the sweetest, most mellow baby alive. It was very nice, other than during Henry's naptime so he was a total flake. After the blessing we went to Lindsay's grandma's house in Issaquah for a yummy lunch with both sides of the family. They have a beautiful house that overlooks the water, and it was a nice sunny day for once. It was such a nice time to celebrate such a sweet little girl.

Maren & Grandpa

Maren & Mommy

Grandma & Grandpa

Uncle Jake & Aaker

Me & Maren (She kinda looks like Yoda here!)

Chillin' with Daddy

Big boy Henry sitting up to the table.

Henry & Grandpa enjoying the view from the deck.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Zoo with the Cousins

Today, we spent the afternoon at the zoo with Uncle Pete, Aunt Becca and Zoey (also Aunt Kathryn) and Aunt AJ and baby Aaker. It was a beautiful day, with lots of sun, and lots and lots of running around til completely exhausted. A good way to start off the summer.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Tonight we had Emma's dress rehearsal for her dance recital coming up this weekend. They are baby bunnies this year in "Alice in Wonderland". Her costume is adorable, and I'm excited to actually see her dance a bit (vs. the chewing on the fingers we saw last year). She has a bigger class this year, and she's more confident. I can't wait to see her on Saturday.

She loves putting on the makeup and her glittery costume. It all makes her a happy girl. :)

Memorial Day Camping

To enjoy the long weekend, we drove out to the coast to our favorite camping spot at Mora. It was Henry's first mobile camping trip, and that proved to be quite the challenge, but the fun was worth the effort.

Will Henry ever forgive me for making him wear this hat?

An awesome weekend. We hadn't been out there for a few years, and it was so nice to be out in the breeze, the sun, and far away from normal life. I have to admit it was so nice to be completely out of communication, no cell phones or internet. I'm hoping to do it a couple more times this summer before the new baby comes.

Picnic with the Cousins

I don't even remember when this was, but it was a beautiful Saturday, and we met up with family at Lake Sammamish State Park to play in the grass and enjoy a picnic. It was one of the first nice days of the summer-ish season.