Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Garden D'Lights

Last night, Pete & Becca invited us all over for a Chili & Cornbread dinner, and then we all went to go see the lights at the Botanical Garden. It was beautiful as it is every-year, and doesn't take too long which is very kid friendly. :) It was busy, but very fun.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Snowflake Lane for FHE

For FHE tonight, we went to visit Snowflake Lane at Bellevue Square. In the past its been a bit over-rated. Its always super crowded and we can't see anything, and the kids can't even dance. But this year, we found a spot over by Bellevue Place and there was plenty of room with lots to see, including some special drummers called "Snowstorm" that were splashing water as they played. It was really fun. We got to see Rudolph, the Snow Princesses and all the toy soldiers and drummer. Henry was rocking out! He loved the music so much. It was a fun night. Luke, Lindsay and Maren joined us. Its nice to have fun and FREE things around to do this holiday season. :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Tonight we had a great FHE. Shane put together a homemade pictionary game. After singing a few songs, we all took turns drawing pictures for each other. It was a hit. Emma's favorite thing to do right now is draw pictures, so she thought it was amazing. Even Henry had a turn. When he was done, we'd all say "YAY" and he'd clap his little hands. After the game we finished the last two chapters of "Charlotte's Web". It was a fun book, now to pick our next family read. We kept Henry busy by popping some popcorn, and the munching kept him focused.

Henry discovered the little vents above and below the fireplace, and has decided he loves shoving anything and everything he can fit in there. Shane had to tape them up, after he shoved 10 little glow sticks in there last night. We turned off the lights and we could see the dim glow in the darkness. The bad thing is we can't figure out how to get in there to take them out. Oh, well.

Levi continues to sleep fairly well. We're down to only one wake-up in the night, and he always goes right back to sleep. He still doesn't go to sleep until fairly late, but I'm not bothered since once he's down, he's down for good. He'll sleep until about 9:00 the next day. Shane generally gets lots of sleep in the morning, since Levi's such a good little baby.

Emma started attending a dance club at school. She stays after school for an hour on Mondays and dances with her friends. Its very fun. Between that, and her other dances she now has dance 3 days a week. A good excercise schedule! (Now I just need to do the same thing!) We're going to start her in Basketball in December also. I think she'll love that and hopefully it will help her see some of the benefits of being tall.

Life is good here right now! We planned our December schedule and we have alot that we love about this time of year. Can't wait to spend so much time with family and friends this season. I can't believe its getting so close.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

FHE: Carving Pumpkins

The final product. BOOooooooo!

Happy carvers.

Such concentration. Emma sticks out her tongue when she's working on something just like my oder brother used to. She reminds me of him sometimes. :)

On Sunday evening, we finally got around to carving the pumpkins we picked up at the farm. Emma and Shane did most of the work, while Henry, Levi and I supported them and made cookies. :) I think they turned out great!

At the Trunk or Treat

Visiting with the Nobles

The kids and their buddies.

Princess Emma

Little Prince Charming

Ready for Candy!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Carleton Farm in Everett

The Space Needle

Henry's first time (& Levi's) and they both loved it. :)

Doin' the Puyallup Fair

We went down to the fair this year with Uncle Pete and his family. Levi was just a few weeks old, but spent most of the time sleeping in the stroller. He was a trooper! Zoey and Emma got to enjoy lots of rides, and Henry mostly was a people watcher and snacker.

My favorite shots are the ones of everyone going down the slide. I remember my Dad taking us on the slide when we were little, and it brought back great memories watching them have so much fun together. Their faces make me laugh. It was a great day. :)

FHE: Bike riding at the Church

Right after Levi was born, we spent an FHE dedicated to getting Emma more confident on her bike. She's so close to being ready to remove the training wheels. Emma rode in circles and Henry followed behind pushing the stroller. Shane helped them both as Levi and I enjoyed the evening sitting on the grass.