Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Day at Fox Hollow

 We found a farm in Issaquah that is so fun.  They have "open farm days" where you can stop by and visit the animals, play on the bouncy toys, ride the trains and ponies, and drive the tractors.  The kids all love it and this time especially loved chasing around the ducklings, chickens and bunnies. 

Finally the Fireworks...

 Finally, we ended the day at the Bellevue Downtown park with the Folkan Family.  It was a fun way to end the day and the fireworks were fantastic.  Levi was a little scared at first, but then he relaxed and enjoyed them for the most part. :)

4th of July afternoon at The Recklings

Picking Cherries on the Tree

 Playing on the slip n slide and shooting water guns at everyone. ;)

Downtown Issaquah 4th of July

 We celebrated a wonderful 4th of July again this year. It was busy as always, but oh so fun.  We started the day off early at 8:00 with the Flag Raising ceremony at the church along with homemade cinnamon rolls.  Then we came home for breakfast (since there are never enough cinnamon rolls for everyone).  And headed over the downtown for the 4th of July fun.  We always skip the parade so we can have a turn on the ponies and the bouncy toys before the masses arrive.  It was fun as always.  We walked around and got to see the firetrucks, which was Henry (& probably Shane's) favorite part. 

 Henry was a little upset ha had to get off the horse.
 But, we quickly distracted him with the recycling truck. 

 Emma running the obstacle course.

 The family with the firetrucks. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Folkman Grandkids

This week, Jake and AJ and Aaker are moving to the Phillipines.  We gathered for a family night at Pete & Becca's new house to have a barbecue and say goodbye.  We sure will miss those guys. :)  We wish them will in their new adventure.  We got this cute little picture of all the grandkids together.
And one more, Shane likes taking the kids with him when he runs out to Kasey's for tools.  The kids love it.  Shane texted me this gem while he had Levi with him one day.  I'm so glad Shane is cautious...

Lately from Carrie's Phone

 This was the view one morning at 4:15, after getting up to feed Levi.  It was beautiful, and I snapped a quick picture before I went back to bed for a couple hours. 

 Last night, Emma and I ran to spend some time at Derby Days.  Shane stayed home with the boys and we enjoyed a quiet evening, snacking on chocolate covered strawberries, playing Uno Spin, and watching the fireworks.  Luke, Lindsay and Maren joined us too.  It was a fun night. 
Here is Shane and Henry, waiting for the fireworks on the 4th of July to being, at Bellevue downtown park. 

 Emma dressed Levi up in her fairy wings and he spent an hour or so being a really big bug. :) 

 I found this old letter from my Grandma Doris this week while cleaning out my classroom at school.  She was always so sweet about sending cards and notes with a few dollars in them while I was in College.  I sure miss her.  She was one of the sweetest women ever to grace this world. 

 My little man Levi and I like to hang out on the grass while the big kids play.  He sure is a happy camper and is great company to share some strawberries with. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lately from Shane's phone

 Henry loves sweets.  Here he is enjoying a doughnut with Dad, at the Father's and Sons campout.  Shane had to work on Friday night, so they just got up early the next morning to spend the Saturday with everybody. 

 Last night, after a busy day of helping Pete and Becca move into their new house and being stuck in Seattle traffic after visiting Hardwicks' hardward store, we needed some quiet family time.  So we went and played at the beach of the State Park for a while. 

Henry and Shane splashed and played in the water until they were completely soaked.  Emma built sandcastles down the beach from where we were sitting.  Levi was exhausted, and was scared of the noise the little waves made from the boats as they passed.  It was such a fun time to just sit and let the kids get completely dirty.


 Emma has gained alot of independence lately, and loved making her own after school snakc each day.  She got to be a master cook at making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  She even made them for Henry. :)

 This is right before Levi started crawling.  He had so much strength, he could push up and stay there for ever, but it took him a while to get the coordination to crawl donw. 

 Grandma Reckling has been crochetting this for Emma for months.  Emma was thrilled that it was finally finished and she could bring it home.  She name her "Princess Celestia Unicorn Unicornia". 

 Shane was getting ready to go do some log and stump grinding one Saturday and Henry was very interested in his safety gear.  He wore around as long as he could. 

 Emma went with our neighbors out to Remlinger farm and picked a bunch of strawberries.  They were delicious and we ate them in smoothies and on our baked oatmeal in the morning. 

 Prince Levi.  Emma put this crown on Levi during dinner and he let it stay there through the whole meal. 

While the boys take naps in the afternoon, Emma does school.  We got a big workbook for her and she does a few pages a day to practice reading, writing, math and maps.  She loves it.  She really misses school.