Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Puyallup Fair

Watching the horse show

Emma with the Prize Winning Chickens

Shane & Emma in the Cow Barn

Yesterday we went down to the fair in good 'ole Puyallup. I heard once (from a comedian) that if you're ever feeling bad about yourself, you should just go to the fair and look around. Sad, but true! Actually, we had a great time visiting all the animals, Emma was so excited to see everything. She was thrilled--especially to see a Zebra. Plus, Shane couldn't resist and bought her a little John Deere tractor toy with a little piggy to haul in the back. She was thrilled and clutched the piggy in her hand for the rest of the day. We drove down with Grandma & Grandpa Reckling. It was so fun to spend the day with them.

So, Emma went the whole day without a nap, and here is what she was like around 6:00 while we were eating dinner. She had become delirious. I warn you, there might be flying food in the video. :)


The Prices said...

What a cutie!!

AJake said...

That was amazing! We miss emma so so much Thank you for posting videos.