Friday, December 28, 2007

Merry Christmas!

We have had such a good time the last couple of weeks. What a wonderful season of the year. We've spent hours with family, and it has been so great to relax, celebrate and enjoy everyone's company.

On the 19th, we headed over to Spokane to visit Shane's sister and her family. It was so fun to visit, we played cards, went shopping and ate WAY too much food. Such a fun time. Emma love hanging out with all the cousins. She's used to being the only kid around, and I'll admit that by the time we left, Emma was ready for a little alone time. But it was so fun to play with everyone, and see how much everyone has grown.

Here's Hailey, she had stuffed her cheeks with two of those Yummy Lindor chocolates, she was a chocaholic!

Here's Anne, Emma and their cute kitty. Emma loved to follow her around.

The girls with matching jammies...

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