Saturday, May 17, 2008

Kayak Point

We are having a Seattle heat wave. It's been in the 90's the past two days, and it's been great to finally have some good weather. We were going to go to the temple this morning, but when we got up and started getting ready, we found out that Emma had played with my recommend (my own fault--I left it out on our dresser), and Shane thought it was an old one. She had crumpled it up, so when Shane found it, he tossed it. We started the day off with good intentions, but hopefully we'll be able to go in the next couple of weeks back to the temple. We've been trying to be better about temple attendance lately.

So, we had a free morning with beautiful weather. We headed off to find some cool air, and some beautiful sights. We drove up to Kayak Point in Snohomish county. All of the Folkmans are going to take a family vacation there this summer, we rented a little cottage. It was so beautiful today. We waded through the water, found shells and some crabs. They had recently built a huge kids play area, so Emma was happy. We enjoyed the weather, and then drove back home for naps. It was a fun day. I think Emma is going to love it there this summer.

Our little camera died, so we took the video camera. I'll post the video below. It's like 5 minutes long, so be patient while it loads.

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