Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I found a good excuse to read it again! :) A friend of mine gave me the book in Spanish. Now I won't feel guilty reading it again, I'm just trying to build up my Spanish vocabulary! :)

Also, since so many girls are loving these books at my middle school, I'm organizing a school-wide movie day on opening night. We are trying to get as many as possible to read it before 11/21, and then we are all going to the after school show on opening day! It'll be fun to see it with 400+ middle schoolers.


The Davis Family said...

That is awesome! What a fun school activity!

The Prices said...

Guilty--shmuilty!! I have read them over and over and my hubby finally got the audiobooks on my ipod so that I will get something done while getting my fix! I might have to read it in Spanish too!!! What a great idea!! Looks like you will have fun at the movie. I have got to find someone that LOVES it as much as me to go with. How far away from Forks are you??? Have you been there? If I lived close I am afraid I would be visiting there and La Push!!:)JEALOUS!!