Monday, May 11, 2009

Yesterday's highlights...

Woke up late, yummy breakfast made by Shane.

Delivering corsages to Moms in jammies before church.

Wonderful sacrament meeting, and even sweeter relief society. Shane taught the primary class, so I could go and be with the girls. :)

Dinner and endless talking with ALL of my family. That's my favorite part of holidays, because I get to see all 5 of my brothers at once. Yesterday was special because we got to honor our amazing mom. I looked around the room, and was so proud of all the people that we've become, and even prouder of all the extra people that have been added to our ever-growing family. All that is due to what my parents taught us, and in huge part, to the sweetest mom that raised us! Thank you!

Lots of Emma time. The best was just reading books before bed, and soaking up the mother's day joy! I'm so grateful that I have Emma. She's so sweet to me, and I still can't believe that she is mine.

Finally, late-night crafting and Twilight. (Shane was the one that suggested it!--how sweet!) I made bows until I was tired, and then just snuggled up with Shane.

I'm not sure I could've made yesterday better if I had planned it myself. It was such a great day.

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AJ said...

what a nice day. you deserve it.