Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sweet & Savory Emma moments...


"Mom, am I one of the children that Jesus loves?"

"Daddy's new name is Papa. I like calling him Papa." I say, "What about Daddy or Dad or Father". She says, "He's not my Father. My Father lives in Heaven".


Yesterday, all of Emma's dolls with hair got haircuts. Her bedroom floor was covered with doll hair. This is the 2nd major discussion we've had about scissors. She trimmed some things off a dress previously.

She said, "But mom, their hair was wild and crazy. Now it will grow long and beautiful".

Should I feel bad that she did this while playing quietly in her room (unsupervised)? Maybe, but I LOVE the fact that Emma will entertain herself quietly so I can get other things done. I might feel differently if she tries to cut her own hair next time. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed, and hope the discussion sticks.


Jen said...

What a gem Ms. Emma is. If Josh and I can raise our own future children to be like their sweet cousin, I'll be a happy camper! :)

Heather Zwygart said...

What a smart little girl! My advise to you is to keep all scissors under lock and key!! Zadie's hair was 2 inches shorter a few months ago for that very reason!!