Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11 National Day of Service

(Emma and I collecting food--Thanks for the picture Mark) :)

What are you doing today to remember? I must say, I appreciate President Obama's call to service today. Each year, the memories are painful, the footage disturbing all over again and its a little return to the horror of that day. I'm grateful today that we have a new focus--not just about pain & suffering and sadness, but about helping others. Serving in our communities. Our stake organized us into a project called "Feeding the 5,000". On Wednesday we passed out fliers to homes in our area, and this morning we will be running around gathering food left out on doors and then delivering it to our local foodbank.

I hope we can all not only remember what happened this day, but also channel that energy into something positive. I'm looking forward to the project today.

That and I'm really looking forward to date night tonight. Since Shane's been back on the night shift, we are down to seeing each other less than an hour a day. The kids get to see each of us a ton, but we're not home at the same time during the week anymore. So, I can't wait for some one-on-one no-kid time with Shane.

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