Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow day...Again!

We woke up to a beautiful white blanket of snow today. Everything was shut down, and not even Shane had to go to work. So, we ate breakfast, bundled up and went out to explore. We walked over to downtown, and splurged on some yummy hot cocoa. (Shane tried pumpkin cocoa, and it was delicious!)

We went to play at the train park, and oh, was Emma in heaven. She loved that her favorite park was covered with snow. The slide was all iced over and she went down like a torpedo!

It was cold, but so beautiful. I'm hoping for a redo tomorrow. Our family time is so limited with our busy schedule, so I felt it was such a blessing to get this snow and some extra "together" time that was unexpected. Today I'm grateful for my sweet family and for snow days.

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footprintsinclay said...

Wow! Snow so early! The kids look like they are just loving it. I am glad you are getting some bonus family time! How fun! :)