Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Maren Elizabeth Folkman

On Sunday, Luke & Lindsay blessed Maren, the sweetest, most mellow baby alive. It was very nice, other than during Henry's naptime so he was a total flake. After the blessing we went to Lindsay's grandma's house in Issaquah for a yummy lunch with both sides of the family. They have a beautiful house that overlooks the water, and it was a nice sunny day for once. It was such a nice time to celebrate such a sweet little girl.

Maren & Grandpa

Maren & Mommy

Grandma & Grandpa

Uncle Jake & Aaker

Me & Maren (She kinda looks like Yoda here!)

Chillin' with Daddy

Big boy Henry sitting up to the table.

Henry & Grandpa enjoying the view from the deck.

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footprintsinclay said...

Congrats to Luke and Lindsay! The Folkman clan is growing and I bet Grandma and Grandpa couldn't be happier with such sweet grandchildren.

I also enjoyed the sweet picture of Emma holding lil' brother's hand. What a good big sister! :)