Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July Festivities

Emma was lucky and got to ride the tallest horse available. :)

The 4th is one of our favorite holidays. After an early morning flag raising program at the church, and a trip for Shane down to the reservation to buy some commercial grade fireworks, we headed over to downtown Issaquah for their celebrations. The kids rode ponies, and Emma got her face painted, and bounced for a while on the bouncy toys. Its such a fun thing to do, and one thing I love about our community. Issaquah has such a small-town feel to it. I love it.

Emma & her star face, (It lasted only about an hour before getting smudged).

Henry was super timid about the horse. Luckily he had Shane support him on the journey.

We then headed over for a family barbecue at my parents. Later that night, we talked them all into coming out to our friends house in Preston to light fireworks. They put on their own little fireworks show, and Shane got to help light everything off, so he was in boy-heaven.

The many faces of Maren (all these were within about 30 seconds of each other): Can't wait to see her as a teenager.

Emma adores Maren!
Cutie Pie Aaker

The rest of us sat around and chatted, enjoying the nice weather and good company. :)

Maren didn't love the wagon as much as Henry did.

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