Monday, August 4, 2008

Motorcyle Accidents = Emergency Room

So, I blogged about Shane's motorcycle accident a week ago, and he had just been limping all week, but yesterday afternoon, while chasing Emma at the park, he hurt his knee again. It had been getting better, but he really jarred it last night. So we spent the evening at the ER in Issaquah. (Which by the way is the most beautiful and amazing ER ever!) We had Emma with us, so she got to choose a beanie-baby to keep, they brought her kids books, and juice and snacks. All of the doctors and staff were amazing. We checked in, got a private room immediately, and only had to wait a little while. I'm grateful we're so close to fabulous medical care. Anyway, Shane gets to wear a brace all week, and is supposed to be on crutches (we'll see how long that lasts). He's going to see a bone/joint specialist this week to see if the ligament in his knee is stretched or torn...Hopefully, nothing major. A fun Sunday evening adventure. :)

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The Prices said...

Poor Shane! He needs to take it easy for awhile!!