Sunday, September 14, 2008

Stake Conference

Well, we just finished with a fantastic weekend. Our stake conference was amazing this time around. This year, they decided to ditch the Saturday night adult session of conference, and had a Wild West BBQ for four hours last night for the entire stake, their families and friends. They had blow up toys, balloons, face painting, live music (from stake members) dancing, and lots of games. It was such a fun time, and such a great way to bond as a stake. Then today we had a huge 10:00 session this morning (instead of breaking it up into two groups), and then we had an adult session this afternoon. It really was wonderful. I love having weekend that refocus priorities in life. The big themes this weekend were the Scriptures and the Savior's Atonement. And let me say that the music was AMAZING! You know sometimes, when you swear the choir is singing and it can't just be them? Well that was today. Anyway, a great weekend. I feel ready for the week to start tomorrow.

PS, we had our first fully potty trained day with Emma today. She wore her big girl undies all day today, at church, and even through nap. Go EMMA! :) I'm so happy.

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