Sunday, November 16, 2008

Christmas Crafts

So, I've been inspired by my more crafty & organized friends in the past (Leslie, you're at the top of my list), and am going to get a head start this year. Shane and I sat down tonight and planned out our December, so that we can make sure we actually do all the things we would like to this Christmas season. Also, this is going to be Emma's first totally aware Christmas, and I want to make it both fun and meaningful. Here's what's on my list:

Sock advent calendar: I want to put a scripture or Christmas story for 24 days in each sock and hang this on my mantle...I thought it was so cute. And one of my goals is to have a spiritual thought each day for the family to read together, and thought this would be such a cute way to organize it. I found this great blog, with a scripture, carol and story for each day in December. Very helpful!

Pipe-cleaner snowflakes: This will be one I can do with Emma easily, and she'll feel like she's really helping with the tree!

Fleece stockings. I want to get creative this year... In the past we've only had the classic red/white stockings you buy at the store..these look super easy and very adorable.

Finally, this no-knit scarf! So cute! I'm hoping to do some of these for my friends. All of these are thanks to Martha Stewart. Click here to find them. Instructions are all simple.

I'm looking for a cute classic advent calendar, has anyone seen a cute easy to do kit or DIY project? Let me know. :)

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The Davis Family said...

My kids love to do this advent calendar. I don't know how to hyperlink in this comment box so I guess it is cut and paste!