Friday, April 10, 2009

Kidz Bounce

On Thursday, we were lucky and got to go to kidz bounce out in Preston, twice in one day! We went in the morning with friends, and then back for Hailey's birthday. Happy 4th birthday Hailey! Emma was loving life! She slept very well that night.

Its a big warehouse that has lots of giant inflatable obstacle courses, slides, and bouncy houses for kids to run around in. Emma had so much fun running around with all her friends and cousins. Plus it gave us another opportunity to wear shorts.

Here is Anne, Caeson and Hailey, cruising down the big slide. They must of all done it forty times!

Here's beautiful grandma!

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Poohbear said...

Fun pictures of the kids! It was a fun and busy day for all, I think! So happy you all could come and share time with Heather and the children! Happy birthday Hailey!!