Monday, May 3, 2010

Henry this week

"Somebody HELP ME"

Pete & Becca loaned us a bumbo, and we thought we'd try it out. Obviously, Henry needs to be quite a bit bigger to use it, but I thought this was hilarious. He looks so stressed, poor little guy.

And finally some videos of my little man. He is mad in one, and fairly happy in the other two. He is doing genuine grins and smiles now which is so fun, and I caught a couple on video. Enjoy. you can see, Emma is doing a great job of being a good big sister. Nothing like pokes and smacks to get a kid grinning. :)

Sleepy & Mad


With Emma too.


AJ said...

Loved these! Thanks so much for sharing. I will watch them at least 5 times today.

Heather Zwygart said...

How cute what a happy boy and a great helper you have!!