Saturday, July 3, 2010

Emma's Dinner Party

Emma invited some friends over yesterday for a dinner party. She put on her little apron and cooked the afternoon away. She prepared "pasta-trixins" in the "crack pot". It was delicious. I bet you are sad you weren't invited. As you can see, the guests were all very friendly and thought the food was delicious.

The Cook
The Happy Chef

Choosing just the right food
Finding just the right ingredients...

"just try it"
"Just try it!"

The Dinner Guests
The Dinner Guests


Hcatt and Jdogg said...

So cute I love it! I wish we lived closer so that Emma and Neleah could play!

footprintsinclay said...

I LOVE her little kitchen set - so fun! She is a fabulous chef in the making, I am sure!! I miss her sweet voice. :)