Monday, July 19, 2010

Long Beach, WA

We just got home from spending the weekend at Long Beach with Uncle Pete, Aunt Becca, Zoey & Bugsy. We were so grateful for the invite and had a wonderful time hanging out and playing at the beach. Emma & Zoey even had a little sleepover in the same room, and it was Henry's first time visiting the Ocean. A little overcast, a little cold, but that's normal for Washington beaches. One day, Emma was running on the beach with her warm wool coat on. It was nice to get away for a few days and enjoy family time together.
Shane would build the castles, and then the girls would knock them down. We were lucky and there was a sand-castle competition that weekend, so we got to see some really amazing sand sculptures.

Beautiful & Happy Zoey

The Folkmans


On Saturday night, we traded babysitting and rented mopeds. I was super nervous having never ridden a motorcycle or anything like it, but we had a fun time. Shane says my average speed was probably 9 miles an hour. I did make it to 20 a couple of times, but I was scared to go that fast for too long.


Natalie Murray said...

Oh my! It's been too long since I looked at your blog! Life has been crazy here but it looks like you guys have had a blast!!! Henry is getting so big & looks just like Emma!! I love the little life jacket when you went boating! I'm posting pics of Jack today so check it out when you get a second!

The Davis Family said...

You're a maniac hitting the 20 mph mark! I am scared to go on them too. It looks like a lot of fun!