Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas!

After a crazy day of running around and getting things ready, we had a wonderful Christmas Eve with family. We met up with all the Folkmans at Grandma & Grandpa's house for dinner and fun. We kept with our tradition of rolls & soups for Christmas Eve. Mom makes the yummiest tomato bisque that has become a favorite of all of us. It was delicious, and there were lots of sweets to munch on. After eating, chatting, playing, and singing, we gathered around to open all the family gifts. First Grandpa Folkman read the Christmas story to us. It was the first Christmas in a while that ALL of us were there, and it sure was fun. We loved it. My favorite quote of the night, came from Emma. She got a rainbow ribbon to twirl in the air, and she said, "Now I don't have to wait for a real rainbow! I can make my own!!". She was in heaven running around with Zoey and laughing.

After the family fun, we went home to have our own little scripture reading, and nativity story. The kids opened their Christmas jammies and got ready for bed. (I had stayed up til 3:30 the night before finishing them). After bedtime, Grandpa & Grandma Reckling stopped by. We had gotten together to put our old TV, a little table from IKEA, an old VCR and some old VHS tapes for a little lady on Grandpa's bus run. She has very little and wanted a TV to watch some movies at home. So the Recklings stopped by after dropping it off for the night. She was very happy. We visited for a while, and then went to bed to wait for Santa to come.

On Christmas Day after having the traditional sticky buns, and opening presents at home, we spent most of the day at the Recklings, we played cards & ate delicious food. Uncle Mikey got a remote control car, and Emma and Henry had a blast playing with it. That, and the Nerf guns to boys got. We spent alot of time laughing and goofing off together.

Here are a few pictures from the festivities. It was indeed a very Merry Christmas.

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Natalie Murray said...

So glad you had a nice Christmas! Ours was very merry as well!!