Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years in Leavenworth

We spent New Years weekend up in Leavenworth, (Plain, actually) enjoying lots of family time and lots of snow. Aunt AJ found this super cute little cabin, and we played in the snow, shopped in Leavenworth and played lots of games. It was absolutely beautiful up there.

Grandma playing a little Solitaire while Emma gets a manicure from Aunt AJ.

Relaxing and watching the kids play

Beautiful Emma

Snack time on the stairs

Grandpa and Emma out playing in the snow, finding icicles hanging off the roof.

the prize

Henry claimed this chair, and wouldn't let anyone else sit there if he was around.

My sweet baby boy Levi

The view from the cabin

Henry & Aaker

The one photo of me from the trip :)

Aaker playing trains with Uncle Shane

Uncle Jake helping Emma read a book

Aaker inhaling cream puffs!

Reading time

Henry watching a movie on the way up with his new headphones from Santa. :)

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