Monday, January 9, 2012

A fresh start

This last year has been hard (school year at least), because we haven't had much time together as a whole family during the week, which makes family scripture study really difficult. Last year, we were able to sit down together after lunch and all read together. But now that Emma is in kindergarten, virtually the minute I get home from work at about 11:15, I have to fix her hair and then she and Shane run out the door to make it to school on time at 11:35.

In the last month or so, the kids have been getting up alot earlier, up by 7:00 most mornings. This doesn't sound so early, but to Shane who likes to sleep in, its really early. Shane and I decided that we needed to just bite the bullet and get the kids up early to read scriptures together before I go to work. So, 6:30 is our official Scripture study time as a family. I leave at 6:50 for work, so that gives us about 20 minutes of good study time.

This morning was our first day, and so far so good. Awesome really. The kids got up, and although a little sleepy and grumpy, did really good. Shane said he had more patience with kids today, and I felt the exact same thing. I got more done around the house. It was easier to keep the tv off while we were hanging out this afternoon. I think all of us felt the sprit more today, and what a blessing.

We finished up with Alma at the end of last year, so started today with Helaman Chapter 1. One part was about the Nephite armies getting attacked by the Lamanites, who entered the city due to a lack of protection. They had gotten lax about protecting the city walls with enough guards. After reading we had a little discussion about what this means to us. While we live in a place where we don't have to worry about people breaking into our home, we do have to worry about protecting our home from outside influences, like tv, internet, radio, etc. We all decided to have that be a focus, to try and only let the good things in, and keep our protections up to keep the bad out.

Tonight as I was putting Emma to bed, in her prayers she said, "thank you that we could read scriptures this morning and thank you for helping us protect ourselves from the bad things on tv and on the computer". Seriously? What a sweet girl. I'm so excited to read again tomorrow, but more excited that we have been able to see an immediate blessing in our home, and that Emma is actually able to remember what we have been discussing the see the blessings from it as well.

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