Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Pink Eye Family Adventures

So... Emma's pink eye has been gone since Monday, however, the boys pink eye didn't show up until Thursday!  This has not been a fun week.  We thought we were out of the blue and then both Levi and Henry got it bad.  Especially Levi.  I finally had to take him in for some prescription eye drops to help his poor little eyes get better.  He's now at about 98%.  Henry should be done with his by tomorrow.  Poor guys.  They aren't in pain, but their eyes get really goopy and their eyelids stick together in the morning. 

While we've been essentially under quarantine, so no one else gets sick, we couldn't stand to stay home all day today when it was so beautiful.  So we decided to drive up to Deception Pass and throw rocks in the water for a bit.  It was so beautiful, and while Henry was a bit grumpy, we all had a wonderful time together.  We ate snacks, threw rocks and enjoyed the fresh sea air.  Since we couldn't go to church today, this was an awesome second choice.  Hopefully the rest of the pink eye will be gone soon.  We were supposed to go camping this weekend, but due to the illnesses, we canceled.  We've been having a "camp-in" and still eating all our camp food.  Last night we had corndogs and s'mores.  Today we tried (& failed) with tin-foil dinners, due to a failed attempt at "carbecue"  (don't ask) and now we'll have our dutch oven cake tomorrow.  Its been an unconventional, but very fun and fulfilling weekend with family. 

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