Sunday, October 7, 2007


So, Emma is in a phase right now that she hardly ever wants to eat. Every meal is a battle. She does, however, love olives for some reason. So finally, today after no good breakfast, no good lunch, I broke down and gave her a bowl full of olives (in my defense, it was a toddler size bowl). She lovingly placed each one on her fingers, and then ate them. She did follow it up with some Mac n' cheese and some peas. I'm now going to have to think of some new ways to make olives a more satisfying meal.


Jake said...

This post is great carrie. Does she like green olives? If she likes green olives Trader Joe has some amazing green olives. You could stuff the olives with cheese or something, I dunno. I love the penguin olives. very cute. aj

Carrie said...

I haven't given her green olives yet, but who knows? I think it is so weird that she likes olives at all. She won't eat grapes, but she'll down olives. My child is odd... :)