Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well, we're back to work and our busy schedule now since Wednesday. It was so nice to have time together over the holidays. We finished off our break, by going to the Seattle Aquarium on New Years Day. We just went for a couple of hours in the morning, which was perfect timing for Emma...she doesn't last long out on the town.

This is the first picture we took, she was a little weary of the water and the splashing, which is why she's clutching tight to Shane. She did think the starfish was cool.

It was a beautiful day, we watched the seals and the fish and the ferries as they crossed Puget Sound. So nice! It was a good start to the year...

Best of all, Emma was so excited to see Dory. :) (Sorry for the blur, she was fast!)

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