Friday, July 18, 2008

Kayak Point trip with the Folkmans

Last weekend, we had a mini-family reunion with all the Folkmans at Kayak Point. It's just north of Seattle, right on the coast. They have a campground, yurts, and a cottage you can rent. My parents rented the cottage, and we all stayed together in the house. We played at the beach, went crabbing off the pier, read books, played games, and just relaxed. So much fun! Here are a few pictures...

Here's Jake deflating the huge beach ball we brought for Emma. It took us almost an hour to blow it up, and almost that long to deflate.

Ticket to ride! Such a fun game. Our friends Karen & Greg introduced it to us, and now it's a family favorite. So fun...try it!


The Davis Family said...

I know I am commenting a lot but if you like ticket to ride I think you would like Zarahemla. It is based on the settlers of Catan. It is a lot of fun.

Carrie said...

Comment all you want! And, I LOVE SETTLERS, but we're not allowed to play it with our family. Some of us get a little too competitive. Maybe Zarahemla would help us stay more at "peace" while we play.