Friday, July 18, 2008


I got tagged by goes...

List 3 Joys, 3 Fears, 3 Goals, 3 current obsessions & 3 random surprising facts about yourself, tag 5 people at the end of your post. So here are mine:

1. Family & Friends
2. Crafting
3. Reading

1. Teeth-torture (some kind of torture involving cutting off teeth, I know--weird)
2. Someone breaking into my house while I'm sleeping.
3. Creepy movies that are based on "real-life events" like, The Excorcism of Emily Rose, Fire in the Sky, etc. I can't even watch the previews.

1. Raise a happy, loving, family.
2. Have a consistently clean house.
3. Write a book.

1. Recently...gardening
2. Movies
3. Shopping for bargains for Emma clothes. :)

Random Surprising Facts
1. I am currently reading "Water for Elephants".
2. I took a flower arranging class in college, and have since done flowers for MANY weddings of friends and family. I love it.
3. I am very competitive, in a passive-aggressive way.

I tag anyone!


NatalieMurray said...

YAY! I'm glad you did it! It's fun to find out new things about people you've known for forever! I miss you tons!!

JenRocks said...

Gail is reading that book for her bookclub and she said it is wonderful. I also love finding out new tidbits about you girl! Too cool! Love you! Jen :)