Saturday, July 5, 2008

A fun 4th

We had a great time. It was our first 4th in our home, and little city, and it was very fun. Our ward has a flag raising program at the church at 8:00 am (Early, but worth it). I got talked into singing and it ended up being really fun. The mayor comes every year, which was a cute surprise. She spoke for a moment. Then our city has a little parade, and at the park behind city hall they have pony rides, blow-up toys for the kids to jump in, and lots of games. I love it, it's all free. Emma got to ride a pony, and didn't want Shane or I to help her. She walked right up to the horse, and held on. She was so cute.

Then we did the rounds with family. We spent a few hours at the Recklings. I went in to lay Emma down for a nap, and ended up sleeping for a while, too. (good day for a nap). Then we had a barbecue with my family at the Folkmans with all the brothers & siblings. It was fun.

We then went out to spend the evening at some friends in our ward. They invite the whole ward over and have a barbecue and to set off fireworks for many hours. I couldn't believe the chaos, but it was sure fun. Emma got to jump on the trampoline and play with some of her primary buddies.

Shane got to be a pyro for a night, and set off all the illegal fireworks for then night. He had a blast. Overall it was a fun night, one of my favorite holidays! :)

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