Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008, the Year of the Cursed Cell Phones

I'm really hoping to turn over a new leaf this year, and have better luck with my cell phone. I "lost" or "misplaced" five different cell phones in the last six months. It has been horrible. I have never been so flighty in my whole life, but they seem to just disappear from my car, home, purse and desk. It's been horrible. Everyone I know has given me their old cell phone, so I don't have to keep buying new ones, but it is getting ridiculous.

I was actually going pretty strong on a 2 week streak of keeping my phone charged and with me, when a major disaster occurred yesterday. We were at the aquarium, and I was searching for my camera in my purse, accidentally pulled out my phone, put it back in what I thought was my purse, but it slipped down my coat sleeve and directly into one of the tide pools where Emma was playing with starfish. I pulled it out immediately, let it dry out, and tried to reassemble it last night, but it no longer works. Cell phone #6 bites the dust. It was the Blackberry Pearl and I really loved it. Oh, well.

Jake is giving me his old phone, which is actually my old phone, and I'm hoping that I will do better in the coming year. Let's keep our fingers crossed for 2009! :)

*4:33 UPDATE! While putting away the decorations today, I found one of my old phones! (The one my Mom gave me to replace one of the lost ones!) It was in the stroller on the back porch. I guess I haven't gone for a walk for a while. But, I'm so glad I found it. 2009 is looking great so far! :)

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The Davis Family said...

you are hillarious! Good luck this year! I always say they need to have a beeper put on them that you use like a remote control!