Sunday, January 4, 2009

Project 365

So, I accepted a challenge from one of my old roommates, to participate in this project. You take a picture for each day of the year and then at the end of the year you have a record of the exciting and the boring...everything from the past year. I love this idea, as I look at blogging now, and my current form of journaling. I remember to blog everyday, but I barely remember to write in my journal once every couple of months.

Here are some links to ideas for the project.

They have a lot of ideas and links on how to do it! Some people do hard-copies and print out each picture, or do a one-week summary. I'll probably just blog all year, and then do a year-end book on my Mac at the end of the year.

I started a separate blog for this challenge here. I'll post my daily pictures there, just so they aren't so boring here on this blog. Not that this blog is that interesting. Ha! :) Anyway, does anyone else want to join?


The Davis Family said...

I love your pics so far! I didn't know if you wanted me to comment on them or leave it clean and unscathed! :) I love the LaPush thing, I know you were looking for vampires because of your sixth sense about such things. The footprints in the sand is awesome! I am excited to see what you come up with this year!

Carrie said...

Oh, comment away! :) How are you doing yours? Digital scrapbooking?

The Davis Family said...

I have a seperate blog too. Look under my profile to get the link. I haven't decided what I am going to do. I might just slurp up the blog and make a book that way. I have never done that yet so we shall see!