Friday, January 16, 2009

Get in Shape Girl!

Do you remember this from your childhood years! :)

I've been hearing this run through my head for a while now, and I'm ready! Here are only a few of my goals (physical at least--I have a full table of all my other goals) for the year, but I'm hoping that by sharing them, I'll be able to be more successful!

1. Move! (walk more, exercize, hike...all the fun things that require me to get off my booty!)
2. Eat better! (to help with my training, Shane and I are joining weight watchers together...thanks to Jen for the inspiration)
3. Limit internet/blogging to 1/2 hour a day. (This will be so hard! I realized last week how many times a day I check my email, my favorite blogs, and just generally sit and surf during the day. I need to re-prioritize what I do during my home time and be more active).
4. Be a better example for Emma.

Most of this is motivated by our need to be healthy. We have had some trouble for a while now getting a #2 here to our family, and decided it was time to make some major changes so we could help make that happen. We are hitting it off with lots of doctor's visits and just general good healthy thinking. Hopefully in a few months we'll have some good news. It's frustrating because we didn't have a problem at all getting pregnant with Emma, and it's been over a year and 1/2 now that we've been trying for another. Hopefully by sharing this we can really commit to this new lifestyle.


AJ said...


Natalie Murray said...

So funny that you have that picture!!! My mom just found some of her when she was teaching aerobics & she's wearing an outfit just like that one!! HAHA! So funny!

The Noble Family said...

Way to go! I am feeling the same lately. I think your goals are great. I want the same things we will have to keep tabs on each other.

eRiCa said...

I totally got that Get in Shape Girl! for christmas. It totally rocked!!

Love your goals...very inspiring. Best of luck!

Tom and Emily said...

We know you guys will do great! Being more healthy is something we all need to work on and funny enough when I started eating more healthy and stuff, is when I got pregnant. I hope everything works out for your guys! Keep up the good work.

BonnieKaye said...

That is so funny that you found a picture of that. I have vague memories of Get in Shape, Girl! I think I owned something. Was it a book or something. I can't remember. My family has had a lot of success with weight watchers as it seems to teach you how to think about what your eating and how much. Anyway, good luck!