Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 4th!

I love Issaquah's little downtown 4th of July celebration. It reminds me of Kaysville. We started the morning with the flag raising celebration at the church. Attorney General Rob McKenna came and spoke, and it was a beautiful way to start the day. Great speakers and great music, and of course, great food. Lot's of cinnamon rolls and chocolate milk.

Later we went to the downtown festivities. There's a little kids parade, then free pony rides, face painting, bouncy-toys, and of course the park. It's nice we live so close that we can just walk and not have to worry about parking.

In the afternoon, we went to Pete's (Shane's friend from work) house for a Hawaiian barbecue, and it was delicious! I had oysters for the first time, which were not so delicious, but the rest was oh-no! :)

Finally, we ended the evening out at the Self's in our ward, for non-stop fireworks and partying. It's a little dangerous every year, but it is fun. :) Here's a video of Shane and I with our friend Michael Hansen. You get the feeling of the fifty people all blowing off their own fireworks, and the neighbors in the background doing the same. Definitely fun.

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