Friday, July 3, 2009

Kayak Point

We had a great time with the Folkmans up at Kayak Point this year. We went up the last part of June, and loved it. Everyone was able to come up, even if only for a little while and it was great to spend time with all the fam.

I took lots of pictures and here a few to glance at. :)

Emma in her zebra tent.

Carly and Ryan came up for a while to hang out. It was fun to see them.

Jake and Emma have turned into best buds. Jake, you're going to make a great dad someday. It's so cute to see how you interact with Emma.

We had a blast flying kites. I haven't flown a kite for like 10 years.

family photo on the beach.
Emma even got a turn.

At the has a very cool playground, but two of the toys were totally broken.

It was beautiful. More than that, just so nice to spend time relaxing and being with family.

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