Monday, July 13, 2009

More Etsy...

I updated my etsy shop with some new items. I decided to add some jewelry for fun! I got the idea from LittleLovelies (Check out her shop...very cute!). I had ordered some hair pins, and then fell in love! I then started making my own, and I'm now going to sell them here at the farmers market in Issaquah here in the coming weeks.

I got a little sick of making tutus, and guess I'll try this for a while. It's a fun creative outlet--and gives me an excuse to watch TV because I'm "working" while I watch. :) See my shop link to the right! :) And here...IssyMissy.

I still do tutus, bows and baby hats, too.

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JenRocks said...

Carrie - Girl! I love that your etsy shop is just taking off. Where are you getting your supplies of the adorable flower buds? So cute! I hope you have fun at the farmer's market again this year. Love ya, Jen :)