Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oh how I love these two...

Shane is going to love me for putting up this picture. When I found the camera, I found this picture from one of their Daddy/Daughter mornings. I love that they have so much time together. I LOVE that Shane gets to be the pre-school dad, and take her to school, and wear the red apron on his days to work. Today he had to bring the snack. One of the other mom's asked him, "So do you just stay home?" I wish...he's such a hard working guy. Stay at home daddy in the morning, and diesel mechanic by night. Best of both worlds. I'm hoping someday we get the Daddy home at six kind of life, but I'm grateful for how wonderful things are working out right now.

In other news, last night we headed to Old Navy to find the previously mentioned "Puppy" costume. We tried it on, Emma loved it, and while walking to the checkout stand, she spotted the dragon. From that point on, she didn't care about the puppy. So...she now is preparing to be a dragon. Don't know where that came from, but I think she loves the wings and tail that are shiny green. I'm sure she'll be wearing it daily until Halloween comes. Go dragons...I have a sneaking suspicion, that dragons will crawl around on the floor, and whine very similar to puppies. Oh well. As Jim would say..."beer me strength..".

Speaking of Jim, I love Thursday night TV, and I can't wait to see the Office tonight. I hear Jim & Pam are finally getting hitched.


Carrie said...

OK, so Jim and Pam are getting married next week. Still loved it though. :)

The Noble Family said...

Emma is the cutest darn dragon I have ever seen!