Sunday, October 18, 2009

Saturday in Seattle

Yesterday was "Educator Open House" at the Experience Music Project, Science Fiction Museum and the Space Needle. We got into all three, for FREE! (Saved us like $100 for the day!) First we went to the Space Needle, and it was a beautiful view, albeit a bit windy. Emma started freaking out as soon as we stepped outside. She spent most of the time on the observation deck with her head buried in Shane's shoulder.
Emma was totally freaked out by the wind. She hasn't had a crying fit in public since she was two, but she did not like being outside.

We finally calmed her down enough to use the "look and listen scope" like on Little Einsteins.

She ended up just being wrapped up in Daddy's jacket, and sitting with me on a bench while Shane walked around enjoying the view.

Then we headed over to EMP and the Science Fiction Museum. It was fun to see the guitar tower, play on some instruments, and see some authentic Michael Jackson items. I really love the Science Fiction Museum. We got to see lots of robot/star trek and star wars items on display. I come from a proud family of nerds, and so this is a fun event for me.

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Natalie Murray said...

How fun for you guys!!! I wish my Liza hadn't thrown a crying fit since two but she has one daily!!! Way fun! miss you!