Saturday, February 20, 2010

Germany vs. Finland

Finland Scores!

We had so much fun last night at the Olympics! We did it low budget style. We parked at a park and ride in Surrey, and then rode the sky train into Vancouver. Our seats were great, and we loved how excited everyone was about the game. What an experience! We were rooting for Germany (neither of us being ones that follow hockey) and realized once we got there that Finland was the team slated to win. They won silver in Torino, and they pounded Germany last night, 5 to 0. It was so fun. We cheered, we laughed, and we just took in all the fun around us. We got back to our hotel in Blaine about 1:30. I'm glad we decided to stay in Washington. Vancouver hotel rates were ridiculous, but we found a beautiful little resort in Blaine for a pretty good deal.

Shane is happily sleeping in (after 10:00---I might need to eventually wake him so we don't miss check out time), and I'm enjoying a lazy morning. I'm so glad we came. Here are some of our pictures.


Us. Our seats were in row 12, so we were just above the puck line. I was nervous all night that something would come flying at us!

Both teams warming up, Finland is in White.

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Poohbear said...

So glad you both had a good time. The sky tram was fun we rode it a few years ago. I am glad you are both back and safe in the good old USA. Now you need to go home and watch the Cutting Edge Glad you had a good time, fun memories, love to both of you!