Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Museum of Flight

On Monday Luke & Lindsay invited us to go to the Zoo, but when we drove by, lines were ridiculously long (probably due to the beautiful day), so we decided to go to the Museum of Flight instead. Shane has been wanting to go for a long time, and truly...Emma was in heaven there.

Here are some pictures of the highlights. Lots of hands on, get-in-the-plane,exhibits, which Emma LOVED. We even got to walk through one of the Concords, and Air Force One (from Kennedy & Nixon days). Both were way cool. We enjoyed lunch outside, and Emma got a little toy plane she hasn't put down since we've been home. It was a great day. Thanks for hanging with us Uncle Luke & Aunt Lindsay! :)

Shane inspecting one of the early engines in the "birth of flight" exhibit.
Shane & Emma flying a plane.

Luke & Lindsay

Some of the planes overhead.

Emma in a jet.

I was supposed to be home "resting", but this was too fun to pass by. I spent alot of time resting on benches while they walked around. Fun, entertaining and informational. Loved it.

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poohbear said...

I'm so happy you all get to do such fun things together. Fun pictures.