Sunday, February 7, 2010

We are ready!

Crib set up.
Onesies washed and ready.
Boy clothes hanging and in drawers.
Diapers, wipes & even rash cream.
Name picked out.
Anxious Mommy, Daddy & big sister?...check!

Now all we need now is a baby.

Officially we are six weeks away from today for my due date, but my doctor thinks I'll go a little early, like I did last time with Emma, so I'm hoping for about a month. I have been WAY more uncomfortable with this baby over the last few weeks, I can't believe I still have to make it a month. Even with the discomfort, we are super excited.

We are going to try and go to an Olympics hockey game next Friday. We bought the tickets over a year ago before we were expecting, and now I just am going to keep my fingers crossed that my doctor still says its ok. If not, Shane will be finding a friend with a passport to take with him on the adventure.

Things I'm grateful for lately...

Shane has only looked at me once and said, "Wow, you really are looking". For his sake and mine, thankfully he only said it once.

Emma is as excited about this baby as I am. She asks me daily how the baby is and what he's doing. She loves to feel my tummy. I feel bad her world is about to come crashing down around her...

Lots of family and friend support. I forget how much I rely on my wonderful siblings and parents to help with Emma (& future Recklingcito). She's lucky to have so much family around that loves her.

The gospel, my sweet husband, and our home. It's nice to know that I have my own little piece of heaven in my life here.

I must say this--I am SO looking forward to being on maternity leave. I'm sick of working, running around and dealing with our crazy schedule. Can't wait to be cooped up in the house all day with Emma & the new baby. It will be a nice break from the chaos of our life, or at least a new kind of chaos to deal with. Either way, I'm looking forward to the change.


Jen said...

How exciting!! I totally relate to your desire to be couped up inside - with babies - I'll happliy trade Corporate America for baby time! :) Although we live so far away, I am so excited for this new member of your family to join our extended family! Good luck in your delivery and you, Shane and Emma, are always in our prayers. :)

Leslie said...

So, are you sharing what you are going to name the little guy???!!!

Hcatt and Jdogg said...

I'm so excited for you!!! I'm so impressed that you have everything ready and you still have 6 weeks! I think I was still getting stuff ready the night before Layn was born! I hope you get to go to the Olympics...we went to a hockey game, on Valentine's Day, when the Olympics were in Utah. It was so much fun.
Emma will love having a baby brother! Hopefully she will be as good of a helper as Neleah has been! Including changing diapers, and getting whatever we need for the baby!
Good luck with everything! Can't wait to see pictures of the newest Reckling! We love you all!

Hcatt and Jdogg said...

Oh and I have thoroughly enjoyed my maternity leave and get so sad when I realize how fast it is ticking away!

Carrie said...

Henry Bryant is going to be the little guy's name. :) Henry is a family name from a few generations ago, and Bryant is my grandpa's name. One of the greatest men who have ever lived. This little guy has a lot to live up to.

Natalie Murray said...

I was going to ask what you were naming him then I read aprevious post & then your comment on this....I like it...older & more traditional but I like it. We are doing a more traditional name also..Jack...something that I wasn't too fond of at first but like you guys, it fits & seems to be the only one that we've really thought of! Anyway, can't wait to see pictures! I'm so with you on the uncomfortableness!!! I'm ready to be through!!!

Tom and Emily said...

We can't wait either!!! make sure to post when he arrives... If we wait for the family word of mouth, we may never know!

Heather Zwygart said...

I'm so excited for you!! I hope all goes well and enjoy every minute!!