Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter

We had a wonderful Easter weekend. We loved conference--Emma asked me this morning if we could watch Conference today, and was sad when I told her it was over. (Not like she listens...but I think she enjoys drawing pictures while snuggling on the couch with us). We had an Easter Egg hunt at the Folkmans with Zoey and the family. I just HAD to buy Easter outfits, even though we didn't go to church. Henry wore his first tie, and looked so big.

We had lots of good talks about resurrection with Emma. It was a wonderful holiday. :) We only wish more family could have been closer.


footprintsinclay said...

What fun easter pictures! I am so glad it was such a nice day. We were invited over to my new friend Becci's house for Easter dinner and her 5 kids were running around, and her parents and grandparents were there so we had surragote family for the day but I do miss spending time with my real Seattle family! :)

The Davis Family said...

So cute! You have to buy Easter clothes. Just wear them next week! :)