Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Finally getting some sleep around here. Last week, Shane and I were mean, and spent one afternoon/evening doing everything we could to keep Henry awake. It paid off, and while I feel bad, it was totally worth it. These are some things we did...

  • multiple baths
  • little or no clothes
  • binky pulled in and out non-stop
  • Ice down shirt (Shane did this! it worked...)
  • Bouncing non-stop
  • Laying on the cold floor
Once he got kicked over to that sleeping at night schedule, it has been totally worth it! YAHOO! Mean parents, but TOTALLY worth it!


The Davis Family said...

Would you have ever done this to Emma? So funny! Those first babies get babied so long and then we find out that they won't die and life is better all around!

AJ said...

I am keeping notes. If our little bugger does this he is getting the same tactics!