Friday, April 2, 2010

Mr. Handsome

One month old, and still not sleeping at night. His current favorite awake time is 2:00- 5:30. When will it end?!?


The Davis Family said...

I think he looks like Emma in this picture. Do you think they look alike or do they have their own looks? Have a great Easter!

footprintsinclay said...

Oh he is so cute! Such big, bright eyes! And his skin is so flawless! I hope he gets on a good sleeping schedule soon for all your sakes! :)

Have you heard of this book called "The 90-Minute Baby Sleep Program: Follow Your Child's Natural Sleep Rhythms for Better Nights and Naps" by Polly Moore? I want to buy it from Amazon, it is $9.95 and I thought it sounded intriguing.

Anyway, good luck on getting more sleep lady! :)